It was the end of the nineteenth century when Giuseppe Desilvestro, known as Bepo de Medil, together with his father Giuseppe, who from time immemorial always spent the summer time in Gardeccia for the haymaking and the cows pasture, began to see passing tourists and the first alpinists from and to the Vaiolet.
So in the year 1902 they decided to build a little refuge, immediately appreciated and frequented, which gave refreshment and hospitality to the passing people, among those famous personages and distinguished alpinists, as King Alberto I from Belgium and the very famous “Dolomites Devil” Tita Piaz.
The clientele at the time consisted of german and english nobles.
From that moment the refuge has been always run by our family, enlarged and improved in several stages and culminating in its present structure.
In the year 1954, Adolfo Desilvestro, better known as Doro, the youngest child of Bepo, marries Maria, who will manage the kitchen of the refuge for almost 50 years.In the year 1957 Doro assumed the reins of the refuge, who last summer celebrated his first 50 years of managing.
Doro and Maria have 6 children: Beppino, Ida, Marco, Lucia, Mario and Giovanna.
Marco and Mario currently collaborate at the refuge’s managing. But the supervision remains always in the hands of Doro.