“The legends’ path”
“The legends’ path

 The legends’ path” Ciampedie – Ciampedie - Pian Pecei – Gardeccia is an unique itinerary, due to the six legends along the route, which tell you about the places you walk through: Ciampedie, Mugoni, Catinaccio, Antermoia little lake, Larséc rocky place. It is a nice walk for families, children and seniors; tourists, who, above all during the summer time, are guests in our valley and to whom we would like to give something specific and different, because the mountains do not belong only to the alpinists and climbers. The path is also a valid alternative for the winter guest, because it offers the possibility to play in the snow simply with boots, snow–shoes or with ski- touring; it is an alternative for those who do not ski or don’t want to ski but would still like to enjoy the same unique emotion, immersing oneself in the fairy–tales and traditions of an unique folk, as unique as the mountains which surround us.




Once, a long time ago, the Catinaccio mountains were not bare rocks as we see them today, but were covered by sweet–smelling roses.... among these roses, red as blood, lived a dwarfs’ folk governed by a good and capable king whose name was Laurino...

What is better than reading or listening to a story seated on a bench in the open air, on a mountain path, which is framed by blue sky, the rocks and woods, where the music is little birds singing and the calm voice of a stream? …….But you can thanks to the “Legends’ path”, route in the heart of Catinaccio among the most beautiful mountains of the Fassa Valley; with a leisurely walk along the path you can find 6 legends which bring you into an enchanted world: “The Laurino’s kingdom”. We would be happy if everyone who takes “the legends’ path” discovers that the mountain is much more than cold rock.

We would like you to come back home not only with the eyes full of panoramas and the legs full of kilometres, but also with the desire to tell the voice, the magic, the colors of a cultural tradition, which do not cease to fascinate all those have the fortune to meet it.